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The Gort families in Drenthe
Two of the main branches of the Gort family come from the southwest corner of the province of Drenthe. They resided in Hoogeveen and surrounding municipalities for most of the 18th and 19th century. They are the descendants of Derk Klaas Gort and Claes Herms Gort. 
     Although no proven link exists between these two branches, there is a reasonable assumption re a link. The genealogical workgroup of the Historical Society in Hoogeveen lists the following assumption on their website:
"The father of Hendrik Bartelds Gort is namely Barthold Alberts Gort, married October 29, 1719 in IJhorst/de Wijk with Annigje Hendriks. This married couple later moved to Koekange. This Barteld Alberts Gort has to be almost identical to Barteld Heineman, baptized October 1, 1699 in IJhorst / de Wijk as son of Albert Klaas, who married there on December 17, 1698 with Jantje Bartelds, young maiden from Uffelte. There is not a lot of imagination necessary to assume that this Albert Klaas, and the head of the other branch, Derk Klaas, were brothers. Certainty hereabouts is missing, however." (translation mine)
     Thanks to the research of Henk Bohmers (Schoonebeek, Drenthe) we have been able to add a generation to his branch of the Gort family. It now starts with Claes Herms Gort.


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