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  Douwe Jacobs Gort
  Jan Hindriks Gort
  Jan Johannes Gort
  Johannes Henderikus Gort
  Hindrik Lammerts Gort


The Gort families in Groningen
The first Gort I found was Jan Jans Gort, born ca 1790 in ???. He married Janna Pieters on May 10, 1812 in Leek, Groningen. His descendants are listed under his father, Jan Johannes Gort. As can be seen, some migrated through the province of Friesland to Drenthe; others went directly there and were living in the vicinity of Emmen at the start of the twentieth century.
     The next group of Gort's I am trying to sort out come from Hoogezand, Sappemeer, Veendam and the city Groningen. The descendants of Jan Hindriks Gort and Douwe Jacobs Gort intermarried. It may well be that Jan Hindriks Gort, Johannes Henderikus Gort and Lammert Hindriks Gort are related, but I have not found a link as yet.
     Other Gort's are found in this province but further study is required to see if there is a link between them and the aforementioned branches. 


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