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The Gort families in Overijssel
The earliest Gort I found in Overijssel is Roelof Roelofs Gort, married to Aaltje Dirks. They and their immediate descendants lived in Nederland and Wetering; two very small settlements between Blokzijl and Steenwijkerwold. They had at least two sons, Dirk Roelofs and Roelof Roelofs. The descendants of the latter ended up in Harlingen, Friesland, and then migrated to Sliedrecht, Zuid Holland. A modern day descendant is Arie Gort, who started Gort's Gouda Cheese Farm in Salmon Arm, B.C. 
     The offspring of Dirk remained in Overijssel until the 20th century. They left Wetering late in the 1800's and moved to the textile mills in Twente.
     Many other Gort's have been found in Overijssel, but most came from the Hoogeveen area and were descendants of the two Gort branches in that province. 


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